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I know our smartphones are important. After a while it even seems like they become an extension of our own bodies. What would ever happen to us if we were stripped of them? We might not know what the weather was doing, what our friends were doing, what was trending every second of the day, or who had retweeted us throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong – smartphones (and cell phones in general) are great, but where do we draw the line on their importance in our lives?
Maybe a better question is this: what would you do to protect your smartphone? Would you risk your life to save your precious iPhone (or whatever phone you have)? If you think that’s a ridiculous question I’d agree with you one hundred percent. But at least one person in this world believes his phone is worth risking his own life,as a man recently decided to tempt fate with a New York subway.
How Much Is Your Phone Worth?
On 3/25/14, a man dropped his phone on the subway tracks near Canarsie in New York. Knowing that a train would pass at any moment, he decided to risk his life to go and grab it. He reached the phone in time, but was unable to get off of the tracks before the train came. So what did he do? He laid down on the tracks, of course, and the train ran right over top of him. It sounds like that would be the end of the story, but thankfully it didn’t end at that moment.
Somehow, this particular man got off of the tracks without being injured at all; I can’t comment on his phone, though, as its fate is unknown.
So, I ask again: how much is your smartphone worth to you?

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