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Hello friends, here is the funny trick to view any webpage in 3D mode in your web browser. To view webpage in 3D you need to have installed Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome. After follow this trick you will able to view any webpage in 3D which will amaze you and your friends. This is a simple and small tricks. To do that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. So check how to view webpage in 3D.

3D view webpage in google chrome:
If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser then you need to install an extension called 3D view for webpages in your browser, because there is no inbuilt features for 3D viewing in chrome.
First of all open your Chrome browser and install the extension called 3D view for webpages.
After adding the extension in your browser, open any webpage.
Now go to top right of your browser and you will see a 3D box icon and just click on it.

3D view webpage in firefox:
Firefox is well known and best web browser in the world. If you are using Firefox then you can use this trick without installing any add-on because Firefox have inbuilt feature called Web console which will help you to view a webpage in 3D. Now follow the steps as given below.
Open Firefox and open any website page such as, or other as your wish.
After opening full webpage then press Ctrl + Shift + K and it will open Web Console option at bottom of that webpage.
Now go to right side of web console option and you will see a 3D box at top right side. If you hover your mouse on it then it show you 3D view. Just click on that 3D box.

Now your current web page turns into a 3D web page. Now dragging the page with your mouse and you will see the page in 3 dimension.

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