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A new official picture from LG suggests that the brand’s upcoming intelligent timepiece will be an exercise in minimalism. However, other than that, details about the watch, which will be called the LG G, are also rather minimal. It will use Android Wear as its operating system and is expected to launch this summer.
Android Wear is a specially developed form of Google’s smartphone and tablet software created to bring new functions and possibilities to wearable technology devices. Although it will support text, email and missed call notifications, Android Wear is all about harnessing context, understanding what information or what service or app is needed when and presenting it to the wearer at exactly the right time.
LG has confirmed that its watch will have a full touch screen, but as it will be running Android Wear, the user will be able to access services and functions via motion or voice command. Simply saying “OK Google” will wake the watch up and get it ready to provide an answer to a question or to perform its owner’s bidding.
LG is by no means the only company planning a Google-powered smartwatch this year. HTC and Asus have both confirmed that they have watches on the way.
However, it will be Motorola’s Moto 360 that will be the first Android Wear device to make its official debut. Scheduled for a US launch in June, unlike the LG G, it has a round face and although it will be available with either a leather or steel bracelet, Motorola promises that it will be aggressively priced and focused as much on style as on function.
After a number of false starts, 2014 is expected to be the year of the smartwatch. As well as the first Android Wear devices, Apple is still hotly tipped to launch its own smartwatch this year.
Then there’s Pebble. The company that started out as a Kickstarter project revealed earlier this month that to date it has already sold 400,000 smartwatches.

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