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Nagma Reveals Truth About 'Kiss' Incident

Nagma Reveals Truth About 'Kiss' Incident
Sensationalism seeking media houses have popularized that Congress Loksabha contestant from Meerut, UP, former heroine Nagma is molested by a senior Congress MLA named Gajraj Singh. They carried reports that even Nagma filed a police case on the incident. Women activists demanded stern action on Gajraj. But what is the truth about this incident?

Airing a video footage where Nagma was seen dragged by Gajraj towards him for a second during a heavy rally in public, media created a big scene. Everyone started questioning why there are no charges of molestation on him? Truth according to Nagma herself is quite bitter. The Congress MLA has actually whispered something 'confidential' in our ex-heroine's ear but not kissed her as popularized by the media. 'Gajraj Singh treats me like his daughter, and he came close to me to convey something in my ear which was politically sensitive. There is no question of any molestation, and I've not approached police for anything', said Nagma.

As the actress is contesting from Meerut for MP seat, she is busy campaigning there from last couple of weeks. A small incident at one such rally is blown out of proportion by media and everyone claimed that she is molested publicly. As the truth is out, we have to see how these sensationalism seekers show their faces to people.

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