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Pawan Shots Back At Chiru's Remark!?

Pawan Shots Back At Chiru's Remark!?
One of the popular Telugu news channel revealed that Pawan Kalyan spoke exclusively with them over phone to talk about remarks made by Chiranjeevi. 'I'll question Chiranjeevi too, if I have to', said Pawan, as revealed by the media house.

The channel publicized earlier that Chiranjeevi commenting about Pawan Kalyan's 'ISM' saying that the book got merits but it lacked basic 'Humanism' angle. Reacting on the same, Pawan Kalyan said, 'There will be people who find fault with Ramayanam too. We cannot know how each one reacts at a particular thing. I feel that their level of understanding is quite low', the media stated.

But in reality, Chiranjeevi never made any comments about the 'ISM' book in particular. When media quizzed him about 'ISM', Chiru stated that, 'I know only about Humanism but not any other Isms. Mother Theresa is my inspiration for social service and I'm doing it'.

Political observers are wondered why the media house is posing twisted questions to Pawan, though there is nothing sort of. Maybe they want the two brothers to fight in public such that more votes will be split and even their fan bases.

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