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Pawan's Fan Challenges HIM for Debate

Pawan's Fan Challenges HIM for Debate
Breathing fire on what was written in Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's much hyped book 'ISM', director and self-proclaimed fan of Pawan Kalyan Ram Gopal Varma stated that all the philosophies said by world famous people are completely misinterpreted in the book. Challenging that Pawan's friend Raju Ravitej, the main author of the book, is having no real idea about the ideologies he is talking about, Ramu asked him to come for a live debate.
Taking a direct short at Raju Ravitej, our director said "Pawanism should be pure and not get adulterated by misrepresented and misinterpreted half baked understandings of second handers (sic)". Referencing to many philosophers like Ayan Rand, Karl Marx, Arthur Schopenhauer, Immanuel Kant, and even Bruce Lee, RGV stated that Pawan Kalyan got more instinctive wisdom than the things explained in that book.
"As a fan of Kalyan and to protect his integrity, I challenge Raju Ravi Tej to an open debate on ISM on TV9 on how badly he is misleading Kalyan. I truly wish that Pawan realises that Pawan kalyan himself is enough and he doesn't need ISM's and unnecessary influences (sic)," RGV stressed, accusing that Raju Ravitej is badly influencing the actor.
Ram Gopal Varma also mentioned that Pawan haven't read any ideologies said by great philosophers but depended on the misreading of same ideologies by others. We have to see if Pawan's camp reacts to this, like the way our hero reacted on brother Chiru's comments about the book.

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