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Cast: Nayantara , Harshvardhan Rane ,Vaibhav
Directed by : Sekhar Kammula
Produced by : Endemol India
Banner :Viacom Motion Pictures
Music by : MM Keeravani
Release Date : 2014-05-01

Anamika Movie Review

Anamika: Logic 'Missing'

Ever since director Sekhar Kammula announced that he would be remaking Kahaani down the South (in Telugu and Tamil), there has been much curiosity around the project. With Nayantara being roped in to reprise Vidya Balan's role, the expectations have got bigger. Despite many delays in the shooting and none other than Nayan shunning promotions, Sekhar Kammula managed to keep the hype alive. Let's check out our take on it.


Anamika (Nayantara) arrives to Hyderabad in search of her loving-husband Ajay Sastri, a techie, who has been missing for a week after he came down to Hyderabad from U.S on work. Nayan files a missing complaint in local police station and desperately tries to find his location. The emphasis is on: Who is Ajay Sastri? Does he exist outside Anaamika's head? Is he alive? Did he ditch Anaamika? Or Who abducted him? Why did they do so?


Nayantara as Anaamika done a fair job in the film. She easily slipped into  the character and carries the film on her shoulders. It's Nayan's show all the way. She sheds her tears, emotes well and keep you hooked to the film. Despite less screen presence, Harshvardhan scores with his brief role as terrorist. The whole film is all about him (Ajay Sastri) who only makes his presence in the climax. Vaibhav (Saradhi) is okay as Good Samaritan cop but it is his characterization in the film that disconnects one. Anaamika in the film often calls Saradhi, cop, by his name without much respect as if she knows him very well. Irony is the cop who works 24/7 for solving one 'missing' case calls her Anaamika garu!!

Technical aspects: 

Sekhar Kammula, who is struggling to return to glory, has chosen a remake. Unlike the original film Kahaani, Anaamika is neither taut nor delicious thriller. Blame the writer-director Sekhar Kammula for failing to adapt well. Lazy scripting is conspicuous. Inexplicable points in story, inert and boilerplate direction, sluggish narration mar the film. Sekhar, who is revered and regarded as intellectual filmmaker, too take too many cinematic liberties in narrating a thriller. Yet he throws many social challenges that a common woman is going through in society. All these aspects make Anaamika a Saada Film (any regular film).

Keeravani's background music is intense, gripping. Vijay C. Kumar's cinematography needs special mention. Editing is good. Marthand K. Venkatesh, who failed to act in the first half, realized it by the time film reached to the second part and counterbalances it.

Thumbs Up:

1. Nayantara
2. Story
3. Background score
4. Interval bang
5. Pre-climax
6. Second half

Thumbs Down:

1. Umpteen loop holes
2. Defies logic
3. First half
4. Inexplicable points
5. Climax
6. Inert, boilerplate direction


The film begins with a terror blast in Lumbini Park and swiftly switches into the life of Anaamika (Nayantara) and her 'missing' hubby Ajay Sastri (Harshvardhan). The film runs at snail pace in the first part and bores you at times. Interval bang raises curiosity and stay you connected. It is one's trust on Sekhar Kammula that holds you to watch the second half. Living up to expectations, Sekhar manages to compensate the loss he has done in first half with the second half. Yet there are many inexplicable points (like why didn't terrorists or Home Minister try for the hard disk right from the beginning, Home Minister Naresh's relation with blasts, How could he close the every crucial, sensational case, including C.I's murder, without solving? Why Saradhi has so much soft-corner on Anaamika, How come dreadful terrorists fail to differentiate between right hard disk and a dummy one, How come international and notorious terrorist chief  simply gets killed) loop holes in the script that baffle you with many unanswered questions. And this list goes on and on and on. This is what keep you off the track.

Nayantara tries hard to save the film and yes, she is partly successful. Pre-climax portions are good. Despite missing some logic, the film is a one-time watch. The film might connect to people who haven't watched original Kahaani.

Verdict: Seedha Saadha Kahaani (Normal Story)
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