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I’d imagine this is a pretty normal reaction, but ever since I saw the Back To The Future movies when I was a kid, I’ve been waiting for the day when the hoverboard would finally be available. Aside from a pretty awesome spoof a few months back, there’s been no news on that front. Along the same lines, every time I watch Return Of The Jedi, I yearn for the day when those speeder bikes will be released to the market. And while I have no idea if (or when) a hoverboard will ever grace store shelves, I can report that hoverbikes will be available in just a few short years!
While they look nothing like they did in the classic Star Wars movie, they still accomplish the same thing: getting you where you need to go without touching the ground.
Allow me to introduce you to the Aero-X – a real-life hoverbike created by the company Aerofex. While it won’t officially be available for purchase until 2017, there are a few details about the bike that have already been released to the public. First, it can accommodate two people at a time, it will lift you ten feet in the air, and it will travel at a top speed of forty-five MPH. With a full tank, users can expect to ride/hover for about an hour and fifteen minutes before it’ll need a fill-up.
Even though it can seat two riders, it (as of now) can only support up to 310 pounds, so you might want to make sure you and any riders are in pretty decent shape before you climb aboard. Oh, and before you get excited about buying one of these hoverbikes, you might be curious about the price. Please sit down. It’ll cost you $85,000, on top of a $5,000 deposit you’ll eventually get back.

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