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Lakshmi Manchu, Stop These Jokes!!

It is being virally discussed on Facebook about one post that was kept and deleted by actress Lakshmi Manchu regarding wearing an underwear. Shock is a small word for the kind of post made by Lakshmi, and her friends are still in a shocking mode only despite the actress giving clarity over it.  

'I've decided to stop wearing underwear', posted Lakshmi on her personal FB account (, giving a big shock to all her friends both in India and abroad. With a feeling that her account might have got hacked, many people started to message her and some started calling her on phone to find out what happened. Thrilled by these happenings, Lakshmi has switched her phone off, before deleting that post and coming up with another post. 'Hahahaha people and their sense of humour. Hahahaaaaaaa stop calling me. I was kidding!!!'.  

Of course, all this happened on a personal Facebook account of Lakshmi Manchu not her Official Public Page. Otherwise the ruckus and discussions would have been on a larger scale. Maybe our actress should stop throwing such jokes, provided with the fact that is a respected actress.

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