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'Manam' Director Refuses To Talk

Unanimously Akkineni family's collective effort 'Manam' is declared a cult classic by all both audiences and critics. At this time one wants to know some interesting things about the movie and its making from director Vikram Kumar. But here comes the director throwing a surprising answer for media.  

Vikram is in no mood to talk about 'Manam', its making or his association with Akkineni family. Had anything went wrong? Is the proximity between King Nag and Vikram not well? Generally these type of questions arise, but Vikram strikes them off with a grin. 'I want my films do all that speaking rather me bragging about them. Maybe you should meet by star-cast if you want to promote Manam, but not me for sure', said Vikram, before denying an interview to any media house. 'I'm little shy to do all this stuff. I'll make my movies speak for me, but sorry about any interviews', he added.  

There are many star and valued film directors in India who many times refused to speak about their success and continued with their next projects. Probably Vikram is taking a cue from them, and he is looking forward for his next project it Mega camp it seems.

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