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Tolly Actress lucky escape in Car mishap

Actress Hamsa Nandini who is known for her item songs in films like Atharintiki Daredi, Mirchi and Legend had a miraculous escape on Monday when the vehicle she was traveling met with an accident. 

Reportedly, Hamsa Nandini and her father were on her way to Hyderabad after performing in a private event at Kadapa and her dozy driver lost control of car after it hit a barricade on the highway-stretch at Mehboobnagar. The actress who was listening to music at that time had suffered some minor bruises after her head hit the glass.  

Luckily, None of them in the vehicle suffered serious injuries. A stranger (Mr.Bhanu) offered them a lift to the airport and even got them Chai.  

Two days after the accident, Hamsa still feels the impact as she comments 'The left side of my face feels like someone slapped me hard'.

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