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O Teri movie review: Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi will leave you brain-dead with their juvenile antics!

O Teri movie review: Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi will leave you brain-dead with their juvenile antics!

Possibly touted as the new age Andaz Apna Apna, this film is a loose concept forever in search of a concrete plot. Watch it only if you have absolutely nothing else to do this weekend –not to kill the time, but to realise the value of your precious hours and money

A disco song (titled Butt Patalo to be more specific) in Umesh Bist’s directorial venture O Teri-starring Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi in the lead roles-summarizes what you are likely to feel after watching this satirical comic caper. The techno beat party number shows at least a dozen of firang babes moving their posteriors, clad in a tantalisingly short skirts or hot pants, as our heroes croon ’round and round your butt is going round’. While the duo enjoys the ‘wholesome roundness’ of some white derrieres gyrating to the tune, the audiences should get a fair idea that their heads are also going to follow the suit soon. (Except that their roundness will be the result of the giddiness that comes from taking on an aimless spin at a horrid pace with juvenile antics thrown in) That’s Atul Agnihori production O Teri in a nutshell.
The story revolves around two reporters, PP (Pulkit) and AIDS (Bilal), yup that’s their acronym. Played by the lead characters, they are a complete waste. They are fired from their jobs since they can’t churn out spicy stories. “Logo ko scandal chahiye, scam chahiye…rape, dakaiti. Ye sab kuch ho to lao warna shaqal mat dikhana. (The public wants scandals and scams. If you can’t sensational like stories on rape or dacoity, do not show me your faces.),” shouts the channel head, Monsoon, played by sassy Sarah Jane Dias.
The duo is then on a relentless pursuit to unearth a major scam choreographed by the political big wig (Anupam Kher) and the lobbyist played by Mandira Bedi. The story then unfolds (and leads to some disjointed and unbelievably portrayed sequences) and it certainly overstays its welcome, offering little by way of laughs or thrills that are best can be discribed as ridiculously juvenile. The tale then, albeit predictably, boils down to the basic question-which by the way also forms the premise of this satirical comedy-will our heroes redeem their lost pride and serve humanity by unearthing the scam?
As far as performances are concerned Anupam Kher as the scheming politico is the only saving grace of the movie. While Bilal Aamrohi is busy hamming in his dangerously low denims, Pulkit Samrat is very limited with his promising acting repertoire. The Fukrey actor disappointed us with his not so good performance. The music is strictly okay and songs are forcefully inserted. The screenplay and direction lacks coherence and above all it is deprived of logic. Presented as the movie solidly backed by Salman Khan, there’s an overdose of Sallu’s presence everywhere. From his cut-outs at a dhaba to the mention of his movies in quirky dialogue, the Salman plug-in is forced.
All in all, O Teri is a movie made with a refreshingly different concept that has been completely butchered by a shoddy execution. If taking a dig at politics and corrupt system gives you a high, we suggest you to stick to a news bulletin instead!

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