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Nic's 2010 Car

                                                                                                       Nic’s 2010 Car

Remote control extremist, Nic Case, has won the world record for fastest RC car in the world.  Nicknamed, the RC Bullet, this small but mighty car can reach over 188 mph.  This is even faster than cars like the Camero Z and Jaguar F-Type: full size sport’s cars!  Only one-tenth scale car, it is the fastest RC car ever seen.
Nic Case previously won the world record for RC cars land speed so it should not be a big surprise that he broke his own record.  He is a man who loves speedy cars.

The RC Bullet has been custom designed and built to be as lightweight as possible without ruining the integrity of strength.  The car weighs 10lbs and the electric motors can generate 10 horsepower.
The main issue when building this car was transferring the power of the engine into the wheels.  Because there is so much power and the car moves so fast, it was a challenge to keep the car on the ground.  He got around this by creating a low-profile, scoop-shaped body, along with larger (3 inches) tyres to counter the vehicle’s shape.
Because the car is moving so quickly and the motor is spinning so fast, a gyroscopic effect is created.  This threatens to throw the car off target.  To counter this effect, he added a heavy brass weight to the drive shaft.  This counters the motor inertia.  At top speed, the wheels spin at almost 20,000 rpm.
Case firmly believes he can eventually get his car to a top speed of 200 mph.  Watching the video, you can barely see the vehicle streak by.  However, even though it is only 10 lbs, the car has enough kinetic energy to break your leg, if you get in the way.

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