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Waterproof Walkman

Most people probably listen to music on-the-go through their smartphone nowadays but there is still a niche market for MP3 players. Sony wants to capitalize on this and is targeting consumers who want to listen to music underwater.
Smartphones are not cheap and so for some places they are simply a no-go. Sony wants you to be able to enjoy your favourite tunes underwater and have designed a waterproof MP3 player. To prove just how waterproof it is, the company has decided to sell the device inside a bottle of water.
As well as proving the point, it is also an ingenious marketing tactic. Although the idea of listening to music under water is not a new one, it is still not that popular. Sony hope that by having vending machines that provide an MP3 player stored in water, enough curiosity will be aroused in people, motivating them to buy one.
Priced at $99, this Walkman is not the cheapest MP3 out there but purchasing it through a vending machine and then taking it out of the wet packaging, certainly beats ordering it from a retailer; that’s just boring!

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