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Samsung's Galaxy S5 Has A Hidden Baby Monitor Feature
The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been found to have yet another feature up its sleeve that you may not have even known about. If you are a parent you may be pleased to discover that the popular Android device has a hidden baby monitor app that was discovered within the phone’s settings.
Titled as the ‘Baby Crying Detector’, the feature picks up on the sound of a baby crying when placed about a metre away from the infant. If the Galaxy S5 detects that the baby is unsettled, it sends a vibrate alert to the Gear smartwatch-wearing parent.
The feature requires that the parent leave the S5 handset in the room with the baby and relies on them owning and wearing the accompanying smartwatch.
Samsung is keen to point out that using the Baby crying detector is “not a substitute for human care,” and that a “baby should not be left in a house or building alone, even if you are moitoring your baby.” Common sense really then.
S5 baby monitor feature
This is a great feature if you already own a Galaxy S5 and the Gear smartwatch but it is a pricey alternative to the good old fashioned baby monitor.

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