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This Philips Alarm Clock Simulates Sunlight To Wake You
Waking up is not usually most people’s favourite part of the day. In fact, given a poll, I would bet that most people would vote it as their least favourite moment of the day. There’s just something about waking up that usually makes a person want to go right back to sleep – especially if it’s the alarm clock that brings them out of their slumber. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely found that to be true within my own life. And while I’ve never been much on the snooze button, I do sometimes lay there just to spite my alarm. This is especially true when the alarm clock rings and it’s still dark outside.
Most alarm clocks do the same thing in the same way. You set them to wake you at a certain time, and using whatever obnoxious sounds they come programmed with, that’s exactly what they try to do. But they’re not always effective, because we’re usually not feeling ready to wake up when they go off. And while that’s hardly the alarm’s fault, it seems like there could be some improvement nonetheless. Thankfully, there’s now an alarm that won’t just simply wake you with an annoying beep, but will also wake you with pleasant simulated sunlight.
No More “Snoozing” The Morning Away
The Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light does exactly what it sounds like it should do; it wakes you up with light. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll still beep, but you probably won’t need it to. You set the time you’d like it to wake you up, and it will start lighting your room 30 minutes before that time. If, by chance, you’re not awake by the aforementioned time, it will beep just like any other alarm clock.
I have to admit – this clock sounds really appealing to me. I’d much rather be woken by light than by a loud noise reminding me of everything I have to get done in the day. If you’d like to purchase one of these, be prepared to spend around $90.

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