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You Look At Your Mobile 100 Times per Day

Consumers pick up their phones a whopping 100 times a day, according to new research released this week.
US software company Mobile Posse, which provides mobile home and lock screen messaging, has teamed up withPhoenix Marketing International to create a report and infographic detailing mobile consumer usage behaviours.
The profound impact of smartphones has taken the technology, business, advertising, media and retail world by storm, but despite its huge and rapidly developing impact, Mobile Posse felt there was a lack of industry research on the mobile home screen.
This is where Phoenix came in. In order to address this issue, the market research company, which was founded in 1999, set about surveying 1,000 smartphone users about their mobile behaviour, home screen usage and future desires.
The research, which has been bundled into an infographic below, found that nearly 50% of consumers pick up their phones to kill time, the average person has nine alerts when they pick up their phone, and daily users of games, news and social sites are three to five times more likely than non-daily users, to proactively ask to be served content.
CEO of Mobile Posse, Jon Jackson, said the study also included existing research and custom research from passive meters, along with new research from Phoenix Marketing International.

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