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Sobhita Dhulipala is an Indian Model and Beauty Pageant Titleholder. She won the title of Miss India Earth 2013 and is representing India at Miss Earth 2013, in Pasay City, Phillipines where she has bagged the title of of Miss Photogenic. Also she crowned Miss Eco Beauty at Miss Earth 2013.
Adjudged the winner of Femina Miss India Bangalore 2013, a zonal pageant of Miss India, she attained an auto-entry into the top 23 of the 50th year of Femina Miss India. She was also awarded Miss Stylish hair, Miss Adventurous and Miss Fashion icon subtitles in the contest.
Sobhita Dhulipala, when asked in her top 10 question-answer round as to what she thinks of the government's restriction on dress code in schools and colleges, she answered, " I do not think the government has a right to impose restriction on uniform because, a deficiency in moral policing cannot be compensated by imposing insensible rules that only take away freedom. A strong sense of understanding and respect for conduct should be inculcated. Only that will bring a change that is real and lasting." She was declared as one of the top 5 finalists of Femina Miss India 2013.
In the top 5 final interview, she was asked what her one regret would be, if she were to die tomorrow. She answered " This reminds me of a quote I read of Marilyn Monroe. It says, 'Fears are stupid. So are regrets". So I have inculcated this belief that whatever I do, I do it fearlessly. If it turns out good, it is a memory I will cherish. If it end up negative, it is a lesson I learnt. So I don't believe in the concept of regret. However, if I had to pick one regret, it would be sibling rivalry because, as I grew older I realized how much love there really is between my sister and I. That's all. Nothing else. No regrets."
Evoking loud cheers and applause, Sobhita Dhulipala was crowned Miss India Earth in this contest by previous year winner Prachi Mishra.
She was also awarded as Miss Talented, Miss Dancing Queen and 'Miss itimes Digital Diva' in the sub contests.

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