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New Delhi, May 26 -- Salman Khan, who is known for his charity foundation, has literally brought charity to his doorstep - the garden area of his house, Galaxy Apartments in Bandra.
The star's father, Salim Khan, confirms that people who need medical help but can't afford it, throng their residential complex everyday, looking for financial help.    
"Relatives of patients suffering from cancer and other diseases queue up in our society every day. We get doctors from the foundation to verify their medical reports and I sign 20 to 25 cheques. The doctors arrive at 8 am and I give away ' 5-8 lakh daily," says Salim.    
The money for the patients is raised through Salman's charitable organisation. "Initially, we used to serve them with money from our pockets. Now, Salman is making an effort to raise more money from the foundation, which is used for medical help," says Salim.
The actor is also personally involved with the distribution of funds. "We pass the details of every patient we sponsor, to Salman. If he is at home, he comes to the balcony to check on the developments," says the veteran writer.    
He adds that the money is directly transferred to the hospitals. "We avoid risk by not giving the money to the patient's family," he says.

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